mybucketz is a unique and innovative RSS and social media aggregator.

Your social media unified.

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“mybucketz" is a unique and innovative RSS and social media aggregator. The application allows you to connect to Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and/or your favorite RSS feeds, bringing all of your feeds into one central location. Not only does it provide a one-stop shop for these social networks, it allows you to group friends/followings across these networks into individual "buckets”. A bucket can be anything from one person you know, to a group such as family or co-workers, or even just a description like sports. The buckets you create, your connected social network feeds, or posts based on a keyword search can be displayed, which enables you to see and act upon a real time listing of posts coming from each service. Pretty cool.. huh? So what are you waiting for? Sign up and give it a try!

  1. Register or Login
    If you are new to mybucketz go ahead and sign up for an account. Otherwise you can go ahead and log in.
  2. Setup your connections
    Setup connections to Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and/or your favorite RSS feeds on the connections page. This will create the link from the mybucketz application to your social media.
  3. Setup your buckets
    Setup your buckets on the page. This screen will allow you to do all of your administration over your buckets, including adding buckets, deleting buckets, setting up bucket items, etc...
  4. Browse your bucket feeds
    Go to the Feeds page to browse your bucket feeds and/or connected social network feeds as well as search for posts on one or all of your networks based on specfic keyword(s). This will provide a real time listing (most recent first) of posts for the selected bucket. You can then comment/like/reply/retweet/favorite/reblog etc... (depending on the social media type) posts listed in the feed directly through the mybucketz application.
  5. Setup mybucketz on Pebble smart watch (optional)
    The mybucketz application is available to pull in your social media feeds on the Pebble smart watch. To download the application search for "mybucketz" in the Pebble appstore.